Online guitar lessons


There was no Internet when I started playing the guitar, or other tools that we can find today to get information. I had no choice but to start by myself. Thanks to these early experiences, I could develop my ear, trying to identify every note of each different instrument, but I’m sure I could have learned much faster if I had had the resources that are available now.

Time is gold, and sometimes it takes too long to discover it all by yourself. We only have one life to achieve our goals and enjoy the results of our work. New technologies have opened a window to the world offering instant access to thousands of resources with a single click, but it’s necessary the guidance and feedback from someone with a higher knowledge level that can aid us in our learning. It is very important to differentiate which content has good quality.


How much time can you devote to practice your instrument? We can learn something in an hour with the help of a good teacher that, otherwise, would take months. That lesson would allow us to use that time to consolidate and master a concept or technique or use and construct new content. This is not cheating, it is focusing on what we want to dominate and making good use of our time. Imagine how much more you could accomplish in a few months.

If we need a few months to discover and learn something simple, then we would need a miracle to reach the level of guitarists who have had an extensive musical education.

It is very difficult to reach the level of people who are receiving complete and guided training. This requires counseling of qualified teachers to help us further develop our skills and talents.

Also, music is not something that should be done in isolation. You need to meet other musicians. When leaving your room you will network, exchange ideas with other players working in projects, and feel inspired by people with higher expertise. These important areas will help us develop as musicians in a complete way.


During my years as a teacher, I have taught hundreds of guitarists and one of the most rewarding experiences is to see how a student achieves his goals after years struggling in solitude. Music education allows us to end the frustration generated by not knowing the steps we must take to achieve our goals. The sense of relief is so powerful that it helps us enhance our enthusiasm for music.


Music education has been a key factor to develop my talents. Whatever your interests and aspirations, your natural talents are just the starting point. You need help to nurture and develop all your faculties to the fullest. Use your time to enjoy the educational methods other people have developed to learn faster and better.

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All the best,

Carlos Morgado