Nowadays, the music industry is changing faster and faster, mainly due to two factors: the diffusion media has multiplied thanks to the internet and the musical technology, previously available only at professional recording studios, has been made available to anyone.

After completing this course you will be able to give life to your musical project, having the necessary knowledge to carry it out without making large investments.


  • Learn the necessary elements to set up a Home Studio or professional studio.
  • Identify the different types of software and hardware necessary for recording.
  • Set up and learn the correct use of the instruments and devices of the work session.
  • Create the work template for our recording session.
  • Use the EQ and effects correctly.
  • Develop the musical arrangements capturing the right sounds for each style.
  • Record, edit and mix audio and MIDI tracks.
  • Master all the elements of music production to create your own songs.


  • Elements and studio set up.
  • The computer as the core of the recording system.
  • Sound card: inputs and outputs, drivers, phantom power, connections, preamp, etc.
  • MIDI controller keyboard, monitors, headphones, microphones, instruments, cables and accessories.
  • Basic concepts of music computing: Conversion A/D/A, Digital audio system, Sampling frequency, Bit depth, latency and audio buffer.
  • Logic Pro X and Pro Tools are the programs that will be used in the course to record, edit audio and MIDI, virtual instruments and effects.


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